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At The Lipo Centre, we know that cosmetic treatments can be expensive. However, with the cutting-edge technology we have at  our clinic we are able to deliver amazing fat-loss results without the need for painful surgery. Investing in this extremly efficient technology has allowed us to drive down the price of getting a toned, well-sculpted body.

We offer several great-value range of packages in our Harley Street. Remember you can visit our clinic for a free consultation.

3D Lipo at Lipo Centre in Harley Street

EACH SESSION lasts 40-60 minutes and consists of CAVITATION, RADIO FREQUENCY and 3D DERMOLOGY.

Single Session
£349.00 (- 50% Off) = £174.50

Course of 4
£1,396.00 (- 50% Off) = £698.00

Course of 6
£2,094.00 (-50% Off) = £1,047.00

Course of 8
£2,792.00 (-50% Off) = £1,396.00

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Per Area
One Session
£998.00 (-50% Off) = £498.00

Double Area
£1648.00 (-50% Off) = £824.00

Chin Treatment
£796.00 (-50%) = £398

3D Lipo Packages

We call the below our Body Transformation Packages, and these are only available at our beautiful Harley Street clinic. After a consultation with one of our highly trained therapists, a tailor made package will be designed to suit you and your body type. With the combination of our 3D Lipo treatments and one or two Cryotherapy (Fat Freezing) sessions you can expect dramatic results without going under the knife or spending hours in the gym.

We believe we are the market leader in non-invasive fat reduction technologies. We have years of experience in delivering some of the most effective fat removal techniques and we are constantly updating these techniques and investing in leading edge equipment.

Course of 5
Four 3D Lipo Sessions and One Fat Freeze
£2394.00 (–50% Off) = £1197.00

Course of 9
Eight 3D Sessions & One Fat Freeze
£3790.00 (–50% Off) = £1895.00

Course of 10
Eight 3D Sessions + Two Fat Freeze
£4440 (–50% Off) = £2220.00

Non-Invasive Face Lift

Introducing NEW ULTIMATE Face Lift

4 Sessions
£598 (–50% Off)Now only £299.00

8 Sessions
£998 (–50% Off)Now only £499.00

4 Sessions ULTIMATE
£998 (–50% Off)Now only £499.00

Aqualyx® Fat Dissolving Injections

From £350 per Area